Investment Options

At Esper Wealth we provide a range of property investments and services. These options include property direct from the developer as well as properties which were built many years ago. As a wealth management company, our primary objective is to introduce you, the client, to the best investments available. However, we understand that each client is different. As such, you may have very different investment needs and objectives compared to someone else. Because of this, we must offer a multitude of options which cater for different client needs.

In this section, you can find out more about the different types of properties we offer. Included will be a description of the advantages and disadvantages of each property type. We will also advise you of the investor profile each property class serves. This is all designed to help you decide, which if any, type is suitable for you.

Direct from the developer

Off-plan Properties

Off-plan properties are buying into property before it has been built. In many cases the property can be many months or even over a year away from completion. This asset class is one of our mainstay property solutions. For the investor it gives a number of advantages. The biggest advantage is you can secure a substantial discount to market value. This gives the investor equity in the property from day one. As a result it can be a perfect scenario for an investor which is trying to build up a portfolio.

Direct from the developer

Completed property

Another option direct from the developer is completed property. This has the advantage of being completely new. This is something that good tenants sometimes are happy to pay a premium for. Other advantages include a white good package and new carpets throughout. This means you don’t need to spend much to get the property ready for your new tenants. Similarly to off-plan, you will know that your new property is built to the latest property standards and comes with a ten-year structural guarantee. This means you are unlikely to have to pay out any costly fees on your property for some time to come.

Direct from the developer

Purpose Built Student Accommodation

This property type also comes directly from the developer. PBSA is situated in prime locations and offers students an independent self contained pod, with lots of communal facilities. For the investor, PBSA pays a high investment yield, coupled with a full management service. For is a great investors who are at, or are approaching retirement age. This investor group typically wants to replace lost income and don't want the hassle of the day to day management side of things.

From the market

Residential Property

This is by far the most common property bought by investors in the UK. This property type is easy for investors to understand having bought similar properties to live in themselves in the past. As this property is ubiquitous it is very easy for investors to work out whether they are paying a fair market price. This is because there are a lot of similar properties in the case postcode.

From the market

Commercial Property

Commercial property still remains a viable investment choice. This asset class usually pays a high investment yield. This is good for investors who are income oriented. Another benefit is that yields tend to be longer in nature, so you get income security with the right corporate tenant.

From the market

HMOs Conversions

HMO conversions are a new product we have introduced. This involves buying an older residential property which is then renovated and converted into a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO). We would then rent this property out to the government giving you a guaranteed high investment yield.

Specialist options

Funds & Bonds

Until now we have only discussed buying the physical asset. Yet there are a number of ways you can get the benefits of property investment without having to buy the property direct. If you opt for equity and bond solutions you can benefit from the great returns on property investments without the hassle of ownership.

Specialist options

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real Estate Investment Trusts are another way of entering the property market and there are some great tax advantages to this type of investment as well. This type of investment has grown dramatically since it was introduced into the UK in 2007. As with all collective investment schemes you need to ensure you get advice from a suitably qualified investment professional.

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