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Real Estate Tokens

Tokens and blockchain technology are set to revolutionise investing. It is anticipated that within 10 years over 10% of the world’s GDP will be stored via blockchain, in a process called tokenisation.

For real estate, tokens offer significant liquidity to the market. Instead of buying a whole property or a substantial part of it, you can purchase real estate tokens that offer the ability to hold as little or as much of an underline property investment, development, or company. Ownership of tokens gives token holders entitlement to either income and/or growth generated from the underline asset. In crypto markets, many investors are moving to tokens that have security behind them as opposed to just a restricted supply.

If you are considering investing in a token it is important to understand how the token is structured as this will determine how the token works and how it is likely to perform. The way a token is structured is called tokenomics. You can find out more about tokenomics by clicking on the find out more button below.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology offers many advantages to investors. Smart contracts offer increased transparency, better security and speed of transactions. Most importantly, smart contracts can reduce fees as there is less need to pay costly fees to middlemen. In real estate, the involvement of solicitors, mortgage brokers, and other participants dramatically increases the time and cost involved in buying and selling real estate. As a result, smart contracts can radically change the way real estate is bought in the future.